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Busty Dita Von Teese gives sloppy blowjob

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

The Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese, is unstoppable. If she was able to keep on wearing her corset for years and years just to achieve a waistline of 22 inches and keep it that way as she aged, she says she can do absolutely anything that she wishes. Right now she’s like most of the male species’ choice of an all-time favorite icon to jerk off to as Von Teese has the kind of charm about her that all too natural and effortless. Then again, her perfect curvy body and pretty face have something to do with all the admiration of course. Just so happens that she’s got the entire package going on but it doesn’t stop there apparently. Now she’s got this hot leaked clip circulating the web and both males and females are going wild over it. I can understand why as Von Teese shows off her Betty Boop curves and oh, those huge juicy breasts you’d like to titty-fuck so damn good. Aside from her penchant for sexy corsets, she likes them in latex too, to go with her slutty latex outfits each time she’s having some fiery fun.

Naughty horny Dita Von Teese blowing on a stiff dick

She likes wearing her special latex corset while sucking some man’s cock and deepthroating while down on her knees because the moment she makes this man cum and spray his junk all over her, she gets more excited seeing all this man juice drippin’ on her outfit and down to her big round ass and smooth cunt. If you haven’t seen her burlesque moves yet but you found yourself jacking off to this wild video and feeling exhausted while doing so as you explode jizz all over the place, then you better prepare yourself in case you’re about to search for videos of her doing all those sexiness as you may end up choking that cock more than you should and hurt yourself in the process. No, we don’t want that and we still need you to discover more of Von Teese’s hardcore videos here sooner or later. But for now, watch that pretty lil mouth wrap itself around this lucky bastard’s dick and suck away!