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Gorgeous Dita takes it rough in the ass

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Wild Dita Von Teese plowed in her bunghole

Dita Von Teese may have had to stick with her surname, Teese, when Playboy magazine misspelled it from Treese to Teese but there are no more mistakes when whatever you’re thinking at the back of your head while staring at her gorgeous face is suddenly giving you the desire to do something about what you wanna do with that hard on. Having Marilyn Manson for her husband for less than a year may have been quick but it was sweet in ways only their hardcore selves would understand.

Teese, after all, learned to open up more when it comes to sex because of the dude. By opening up we mean opening her other hole, that sexy ass, and welcome someone’s huge cock for extra pleasure. She sucks a cock really damn good that’s why she deserves her prize and this includes getting plowed in both her pussy and bunghole. This makes it 3-in-1 and it’s wild as fuck. She’s into vintage shit but this is all new to her and she enjoys it. Go ahead, stick that dick in her mouth, that wet snatch, and take her tight ass as a grand finale. Stuff her with your cum, just how she likes it.